Testing Dates

Fall testing for new enrollments must be conducted at the beginning of the school year for accurate results. Please refer to the chart below for dates and deadlines. Testing a new student at the beginning of the school year and again at the end of the year gives school administration insight into the growth achieved during the first year of attendance.

Iowa Assessments are available in two formats:

  • Paper Booklets (Levels K–12)
  • Online Testing (Levels 4–12)

Tests are administered two to three mornings, depending on the level being tested.

2023/2024 Testing Dates

Order Dates for Test Materials Test Dates Deadline to Submit Tests*
Fall Testing – online August 1–September 23 September 1–October 7 October 7 (tests are submitted automatically)
Fall Testing – paper August 1–September 16 September 1–October 7 October 15
Spring Testing – online December 1–April 30 March 15–May 15 May 15 (tests are submitted automatically)
Spring Testing – paper December 1–April 30 March 15May 15 May 30

*Tests are to be submitted to Riverside Scoring Service.


Test levels are numbered to correspond roughly to the chronological ages of the students for whom they are best suited. Each student should be administered the test level based on his actual chronological age at the time of testing.

Use caution to ensure the proper test is ordered and given to each student. Since there is an academic year of learning between fall and spring testing, different tests are administered to the students in the beginning of the year compared to the end of the year in certain grade levels.

Follow the charts below to determine tests to be administered for both fall and spring testing.

Iowa Complete

Recommended Test Levels by Testing Period
  Grade Level Student Age - Fall Student Age - Spring
Paper 1 6* 7
2 7 8
3 8 9
Paper and Online 4 10 10
5 11 11
6 12 12
7 13 13
8 14 14
9 14 15
10 16 16
11 17/18 17/18
12 17/18 17/18

*The Level 6 Reading test has two parts. Students who have mastered simple sentences will complete Parts 1 and 2; nonreading students will complete only Part 1.

CogAT Form 7

Recommended Test Levels by Testing Period
  Grade Level Student Age - Fall Student Age - Spring
Paper 2 8 8
Paper and Online 5 11 11
8 13/14 13/14